Best Cruiser Board and Skateboard – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Cruiser Board and Skateboard – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide
Skateboards are no longer simply designed for teenagers to do tricks at the skate park after school. The skateboards of today, specifically cruiser boards are designed to travel from point A to point B quickly. In fact, many adults are actually using this type of skateboard to commute to and from work. That being said, if you are going to use a cruiser daily, you are going to want to find one that fits your skate style and proficiency level. In this guide, we will look at 10 of the best cruiser board available so that you can find one that works for you.

Best Cruiser Board 2019

  • Enkeeo 22 Inch Cruiser Skateboard
  • Penny Classic Complete Skateboard
  • Merkapa 22″ Complete Skateboard
  • Ridge Skateboards Big Brother Large Retro Cruiser
  • Penny Nickel Graphic Complete Skateboard
  • Skatro – Mini Cruiser Skateboard
  • PUENTE Pro Cruiser Complete Skateboard
  • Ancheer Mini Cruiser Skateboard
  • Ten Toes Board Emporium The Quip Complete Skateboard
  • Globe Chromatic Cruiser Galaxy Complete Longboard

Best Cruiser Board 2019 Comparison

Best Cruiser BoardsWEIGHT/ MAX WEIGHT (POUNDS)DECK WHEELS, mmBEARINGSTruck wide, inch 
Enkeeo 22 Inch Cruiser Skateboard4/ 20022"x6"/ Polypropylene59 mm/ 85AABEC 73 Check Price
Penny Classic Complete Skateboard4/ 20022.5"x6"/ Polypropylene59 mm/ 78AABEC 73 Check Price
Merkapa 22" Complete Skateboard4/ 18022"x6"/ Polypropylene60 mm/ 78A/ LED light-up ABEC 73 Check Price
Ridge Skateboards Big Brother Large Retro Cruiser5.5/ 19027"x7.5"/ Polypropylene59 mm/ 78AABEC 74 Check Price
Penny Nickel Graphic Complete Skateboard5.5/ 22027"x7.5"/ Polypropylene59 mm/ 78AABEC 74 Check Price
Skatro - Mini Cruiser Skateboard4.5/ 22022"x6"/ Polypropylene59 mm/ 78AABEC 73 Check Price
PUENTE Pro Cruiser Complete Skateboard10/ 39631"x8"/ 8 Ply Maple with Grip Tape53 mm/ 95AABEC 95 Check Price
Ancheer Mini Cruiser Skateboard4/ 20022"x6"/ Polypropylene58 mm/ 85AABEC 73 Check Price
Ten Toes Board Emporium The Quip Complete Skateboard3/ 18022.5"x6"/ Polypropylene59 mm/ 85AABEC 73 Check Price
Globe Chromatic Cruiser Galaxy Complete Longboard5/ 22033"x9.7"/ 7 Ply Maple62 mm/ 83AABEC 76 Check Price

Enkeeo 22 Inch Cruiser Skateboard Plastic Banana Board with Bendable Deck and Smooth PU Casters for Kids Boys Youths Beginners ,Multiple Colors – Cheap Best Cruiser Board for Beginners

The wheels are designed of a soft plastic material that is designed for most types of cruising, and they are also large enough to handle different types of terrain without an issue. This makes the Enkeeo Cruiser a great option for a beginner as well as a more experienced skater.

The deck is designed from a strong polypropylene material that is designed to bend a little as you ride so that the board does not snap when it hits rough terrain. In fact, it accommodates 200 pounds with ease.

The wheels on this cruiser wobble quite a bit when you are traveling downhill. Picking up too much speed can make you feel unstable, so you will need to be cautious if you are planning on racing with this board, but it is ideal for traversing on flat pavement.

This 22-inch cruiser is a great option for beginners who are going to be traveling on flat terrain, but if you are traveling downhill, the wobble can cause a beginner to lose their stability.
  • This board is available in bright, vibrant color options
  • The board has a great amount of grip, which is ideal for turning as you skate
  • This lightweight cruiser board is easy to pick up and carry when you need
  • The wheels are stiffer than they need to be
  • This board wobbles a little bit at high speeds
  • The color tends to wear off of the board gradually

Penny Classic Complete Skateboard – Classic-Style Best Cruiser Board

This is a mini- cruiser that is designed with a waffle top deck so that your feet do not slip as you are riding this board. This is ideal for making turns, especially at higher speeds.

The kicktail on this 22-inch model is designed to give you more control as you skate, and if you want to attempt tricks, you will have a much easier time landing them.

Sometimes, the wheels on this board stick, especially when it is new, so you may need to lubricate it before skating to ensure that you don’t wipe out.

This board features a lightweight design that is easy to pick up and take with you; in fact, it even fits into most lockers with an issue, which is why this Penny Classic is great for preteens who want a faster way of traveling.
  • The soft wheels offer a smooth ride
  • The board is very durable, which makes landing tricks a breeze
  • This board picks up speed fast
  • The bearings are not the strongest, but they can be replaced
  • The grip is not as solid as it could be on wet pavement
  • The paint seems to scratch easily

Merkapa 22″ Complete Skateboard with Colorful LED Light Up Wheels for Kids, Boys, Girls, Youths, Beginners – Best Cruiser Board Short; for Youngsters and College

The wheels of this cruiser are designed as LED lights that light up as you ride the board down the street. This feature makes you more visible when the sun goes down, and it is a fun feature for younger children as well.

This 22-inch board is designed for anyone to ride who weighs 180 pounds or less. That means that it works well for children, teens, and adults, regardless of their skill level.

One thing of note is that the wheels on this cruiser board start out very stiff, so you may need to wear it in a bit for it to roll properly.

This is a great board for beginners or younger children who will enjoy the LED lights. The board is not designed to go really fast, but it is a great option for someone who is learning to balance properly on a board of this type.
  • No batteries are required for the LED lights
  • This board is made from very durable materials
  • The surface of this board is very grippy
  • The LED lights do not function properly all of the time
  • The board does not have a lot of bend
  • The speed of this board is lacking a bit, but it is great for a beginner

Ridge Skateboards Big Brother Large Retro Cruiser (27 Inch) – Best Cruiser Board for All-Day Cruising

This Ridge Skateboards Retro Cruiser is designed with a high level of durability that makes it great for cruising, and it has soft wheels that allow the cruiser to ride over pavement that is cracked and damaged while providing a smooth ride.

This cruiser has a retro design that is 27 inches in length, which makes it five inches longer than the original model that the company created.

If you like to skate for a long distance over different types of terrain, then the wheels are going to wear quickly. You will need larger wheels if you are not riding on even pavement.

The wide deck is perfect for a beginner who is just learning where to position their feet as they ride. It gives you plenty of options when it comes to positioning, regardless of your skill level.
  • This cruiser feels very sturdy, even at higher speeds
  • The board has a little flex to it
  • You will get a really smooth ride on this board
  • The included bearings are not the best
  • It sometimes squeaks while turning
  • The wheels need to be lubricated to spin freely

Penny Nickel Graphic Complete Skateboard – Best Cruiser Board for All Around

If you owned a skateboard in the 1970s, then you will recognize the retro design that is used in the construction of this board. It is lightweight and compact so that you can carry it with you wherever you go.

Since this is a nickel board instead of a traditional penny board, it is designed with a deck that is 27 inches in length to accommodate those of you who need more space to position your feet.

Turning on this board is difficult at times, especially if the bearings and the wheels are not worn in a bit. Lubricating the bearings can easily loosen the wheels.

If you are looking for a versatile board that is great for anyone, no matter the skill level or the type of skating that you are looking to do, then this is a great option for you to consider.
  • Even though it does have a slight bend, it is a very durable cruiser
  • There are a number of different color variations to choose from, including one that glows in the dark/li>
  • This is a great board for tricks as well as speed
  • The grip could cover the board a bit better
  • It scratches easily
  • The wheels stick sometimes

Skatro – Mini Cruiser Skateboard. 22x6inch Retro Style Plastic Board Comes Complete – Best Cruiser Board Plastic with the Best Flex

This cruiser is designed with Skatro Flexy Technology to optimize the amount of flex that the board provides. This design feature helps give you the smoothest ride possible.

This cruiser is available in a number of different colors and styles, and each one comes with a T-tool that matches the Skarto board that you selected.

The board is designed with a waffle grip in the deck, but the design is a bit shallow, which makes it difficult to maintain your balance around turns. It is fine for most situations, but when the deck is wet, you will have an issue maintaining your footing.

If you are looking for a mini cruiser that provides a stable, smooth ride, then this is a great option for you. It comes in a number of stylish colors, and it is a very compact model that is easy to take with you on your travels.
  • The reinforced moldings on the bottom of the deck provide the perfect handgrip
  • The waffle-like treads provide great grip, even in the rain
  • This lightweight model only weighs four pounds
  • The wheels stick out past the board, which can be a hazard
  • The grips are not great when the board is wet
  • The suspension is a bit weak, so it only works for lightweight individuals

PUENTE Pro Cruiser Complete Skateboard 31 Inch – Best Cruiser Board Double Tail

This cruiser has a double kicktail design that makes it easy to do tricks as well as cruise down the street. The soft wheels are designed with anti-shock so that you can land your tricks without causing damage to the board itself.

This is a very durable board that is designed out of maple. It is an eight ply board, so you can be sure that it will provide you with the durability that you need no matter what type of terrain you are traveling on.

The grip tape that is on the deck of this board wears off quickly, which means that you will have to replace it to prevent slipping while you ride.

If you need a board that is great for any level of skater, this 31-inch Puente Pro Cruiser will be a great option for you. It provides the smooth riding, comfortable handling, and easy braking that advanced riders come to expect, but that also makes it an easy board to learn on.
  • This cruiser is simple to control, especially with the concave design
  • This durable deck has a high weight capacity
  • Tricks are easy to do on this cruiser as well
  • The trucks could be a bit more durable
  • The grip tape will most likely need to be replaced

Ancheer Mini Cruiser Skateboard 22″ Complete Classic 70’s Retro Style Plastic Skate Board for Teens Kids Age 4 Up – Best Cruiser Board Mini; for Tight Turns

This mini cruiser is designed to give you the smoothest ride possible; in fact, this board is fitted with 55mm wheels that are designed to reduce the vibrations that you feel as you ride across the pavement and other surfaces. This ability to glide makes it easy to get from point A to point B quickly.

This cruiser is a mini, which means that it is a bit on the shorter side. This allows you to easily carry the cruiser with you on a bus, train, or in a car without an issue; in fact, you can even fit it in most backpacks with ease.

This is a 22 –inch board, which means that it may not be the most comfortable option for riders who have larger feet. You can still ride on the board, but you may not be able to glide downhill with both feet on the board.

Whether you are an advanced rider or a beginner when it comes to cruising, this board is a great option for you. It provides a smooth ride, even when the terrain that you are riding across is rough.
  • This cruiser takes turns exceptionally well
  • The construction of this cruiser is very durable
  • The retro look of this cruiser is amazing
  • The bearings are not the best
  • The board tends to bend in the middle

Ten Toes Board Emporium The Quip Complete Skateboard Classic Plastic Mini Cruiser – Best Cruiser Board for Responsiveness

The Quip is a classic mini cruiser that is designed with large, soft wheels that are great for cruising on any type of pavement. In fact, you can easily glide over cracks in the pavement without the smoothness of your ride suffering.

This deck is made from a very durable molded plastic material that has enough flex and support to give you the control that you need as you ride.

Though this is a great board for cruising, the tires are not the best for making turns. That being said, you may need to reduce your speed to maintain control as you turn on the way to your destination.

If you like retro-style boards, then this is a great option for you to consider. It offers a smooth ride, it has a waffled top, and the board is lightweight, which makes it a great option for teens and young adults.
  • This cruiser is very responsive
  • The durability of this board is acceptable
  • The design of the wheels is great for cruising
  • It can skid if you are trying to turn at too high of a speed
  • The deck could have a bit more grip
  • It’s not the best board for tricks

Globe Chromatic Cruiser Galaxy Complete Longboard Skateboard 33-Inch – Best Cruiser Board for a Smooth Ride

This board is designed with a rough surface to provide you with grip as you ride, but it also has a pad on the tail of the board that is designed to increase the amount of grip that is available to you as you are cruising downhill.

The cosmic design on this cruiser is quite pleasing to look at, and you can even see the design on the top and bottom of the board, which is not always the case with cruisers.

Since this is a longboard, it is a bit heavier to carry and store, which means that if you are a teen, you may not have space in your locker for the board.

For anyone who likes to truly cruise, this is a longboard style cruiser that is great for riding downhill as well as across a flat terrain. It is a great option for a beginner, especially if you have a little bit of experience skating. You’ll love how well this board handles.
  • The deck design is bright and colorful
  • It has a great amount of grip to help you maintain your balance
  • It handles turns quite well
  • This board is not designed for tricks
  • It is a larger cruiser
  • It may not be the best option for more advanced skaters

Best Cruiser Boards – Buyer’s Guide

The first thing that you should consider before jumping into purchasing a cruiser is your skating ability. Are you a beginner when it comes to cruising; or have you been using a cruiser board to get to where you are going for a long time? Remember that this type of skating is not like doing ollies at the skate park; so you if you have never ridden on a cruiser, you may need to adjust to this style of skating. Also, make sure that the board has enough flex for your skill level so that you can avoid wipeouts.

What are other important features to consider before you decide which board is right for you?

Material of the Deck

For the most part, cruiser boards are made from wood; however, it is important to know that not all wood is the same quality; so if you are looking for a more durable board, you need to consider the type of wood that it is crafted from. Bamboo, maple, and birch are some of the most common types of wood that are used; but the strongest option is Canadian Maple, and the best cruisers are often made from this durable wood.

Some cruisers (specifically penny boards or micro-cruisers) are also made from a hard plastic material. These boards are designed to be easier to carry; which makes them a great option for teens or skaters who have not perfected their skills yet.

Shape of the Board

Cruiser boards do not always have the same shape. That being said, they are all great options that each have their own benefits. Some boards are designed to give you speed and the ability to do tricks; while others are more for handling tight corners with ease.

Narrow boards are typically designed for turning; which makes them easier to maneuver when you are trying to get from point A to point B; so if you are looking for a cruiser to use as transportation in a city environment; this may be a great option for you. Broad boards, on the other hand; offer more grip to you are you ride, which is a great option for downhill racing.

Size of the Board

The next consideration that you should look at before making a purchase is the size of the board that you are thinking of purchasing. The main reason for this is that not every person is the same size. Kids who are the same age can even be drastically different in size, which could make it more difficult to control the board that is being ridden. Let’s take a look at the breakdown of the sizes that are available.

  • Macro – This is a board that is designed for children who are less than 3.4 feet tall. The small deck, which is about 6.5 inches wide, is designed for a size three shoe to fit comfortably.
  • Mini – This is designed for a child that is a little older, typically about six to eight years of age with a shoe size between four and six.
  • Mid Size – This is a board that is designed for preteens to enjoy. It works best for any individual that is between 4.5 feet and 5.2 feet tall.
  • Full Size – A full size is designed for teens and adults who are taller than 5.3 feet. If you have a size nine shoe or larger, this size board is going to be the most comfortable for you to ride.

Type of Wheels

The wheels that are on your best cruiser board are also important because they can help you reach higher speeds without losing your stability. Soft wheels are designed to travel at higher speeds; but if you find a board that has harder wheels than you’d like; you can always purchase replacements to make it the best board for you. Also, make sure that you choose wheels that have a good amount of grip; especially if you are going to be cruising downhill.

No matter what you are looking for in a cruiser; you know that you need a board that can get you where you are going quickly. That being said, there are quite a few options on the market that you can consider. First, make sure that the board that you are looking for is the right size for you; then find a durable option that fits your style. There are even some cruiser boards that are motorized; imagine how convenient your commute to work or school would be if this feature became available on every cruiser. Until then, hopefully, our guide can help you find the best cruiser board for your needs.

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